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Sidonie Springer,Schmerzliches Wiederfinden [Painful recovery], 1919-20

I tried, I gave up.

The Mountain Mists by Herbert James Draper (1864-1920)
oil on canvas, 1912

'Isa' detail shot
Part of a new collection of artwork I’ve been developing for 2014 which I will be exhibiting later this year.
16”x20” Sold framed. £POA Enquiries: moshimoshi@myoshka.jp
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Antoine D’Agata - Ice (published 2012)
“…Pictures and texts in a disturbing testimony, showing the commitment of a photographer documenting drug-generated fictions…until he loses control. 
In December 2007, Antoine D’Agata arrived in Phnom Penh and fell in love with Ka, a Vietnamese prostitute and drug dealer. In January 2008, they began to share a small and dirty flat downtown. Here started the oblivion. 
Addiction to methamphetamines took over the photographic work and the frontiers between fiction and reality started to melt. This is where Ice came from. The horror that permeates the pages is not so much the ‘journey to the end of the night’ of a photographer as it is the violent filth and hypocrisy of a system that grinds the flesh of those who were refused speech.”